Zero Grazer has 15 perfect machines for all your
grassland management needs


  • Reduce High Feed Costs Reduce expensive feed costs and move to an increased grass diet.
  • Increase Protein and Butterfat Quality Grass = Quality milk
  • Avoid Land Damage Take the pressure off grazing ground in wet conditions.
  • Increased Grass Growth Increase your grass growth and utilisation
  • Make Use Of All Your Land No need for the logistical nightmare of walking cows long distances.
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Hear What a Few of Our Previous Customers Had to Say

Performance and reliability over the last 5 seasons confirm Zero Grazer as the no. 1 machine and company on the market
Paddy Finn Co.Galway AB70
The engineering skill throughout my machine just show the high level Zero Grazer are at. If its high speed, high out put and performance your looking for, Zero Grazer are the company you need to deal with.
Owen Daly Chester England ZG75 – Fully housed herd on Robots

Why Would I Want to Buy a Machine from Zero Grazer?

Save Money on Feed and Fertiliser Costs

Previous customers have noticed a sharp decline in fertiliser costs. Imagine being able to dramatically decrease this expense!

Increase Milk Price per Litre

Zero Grazer’ allows the best management of grass on the farm. Better grass, better protein, better butterfat.

Why Work with Zero Grazer?

Trustworthy and Highly Knowledgeable

Having pioneered the concept we have engineered machines to suit all customer requirements we are in constant contact with our existing customers.
Check out what our previous customer’s said here.

Large Range of Machines

We have many different sizes. 15 in total with many options.

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