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Telescopic Support Drawbar

– Constructed from a single profiled plate for added strength to reduced weld fatigue.
– Unique Telescopic arm with latching system for extra stability in cutting and transport position.
– Check valve on hydraulic cylinder for added safety.
– Towing eye with 4 way adjustment settings, suitable for drawbar or pickup hitch.

Machine Range


– Radial flotation tyres that can be reduced in pressure (as low as 10psi) in wetter conditions.
– 500, 560,620 or 710mm tyre options
– 8 Wheel flotation options available



– Constructed with high tensile steel with corner gussetts added throughout to increase –
strength and reduce overall weight.


– Unique square frame rocker bogey, allowing machine to remain stable in cutting position.


– Straight uprights and galvanised side sheeting, allow faster and easier unloading.

Machine Range


– Painted, galvanised floor sections.
– Gearbox and motor controlled with variable speed.
– Split floor with 4 floor chains to reduce pressure on floor bars.


– Curved door to ease filling and reduced pressure on floor chain.
– Latching system with check valves on both hydraulic cylinders to ensure safety and strength.


– Unique linkage system which allows the mower to be parallel with ground at all times. This in
turn reduces wear on the mowing bed, as well as providing excellent ground clearance when
lifted up.
– 1.65m, 1.85m, 2.1m (2 drums) and 2.45m (disc) cutting width options
– A precise cutting height can be set with toplinks at each side of the mower.
– Adjustable spring suspension to reduce wear.

Machine RangeDrum-Mower


– Elevator is driven via a gearbox which is driven with slip clutch P.T.O shaft.
– Chain oiling kit
– 2 Hydraulic cylinders lift elevator for added strength and stability, incorporating a soft ride
suspension system.


– Sand blasted, primed and oven baked 2 pac paint.
– Choice of 4 colours


– Wireless camera with 7 inch screen to ease filling, unloading and reversing.


– LED lighting with flashing beacons as optional.

Machine Range


– All sprockets are taper locked on to keyways to ease replacement or service. Compared to
sprockets being welded.


– All functions of the machine are hydraulic controlled from tractor spools with an in cab control
box, this system is user friendly and reliable.


Feed Conveyor

– 3 teaser rollers and rubber conveyor with left and right feed out option.

Maintenance and Support

– All new machines are setup with the farmer by a member of our zero grazer team.
– 24-7 Back-up service.

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